General terms and conditions (GTC) for customers with a permanent residence in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

As of April 2024


● Minimum stay 3 nights

● 100% deposit upon reservation

● Free cancellation up to 90 days

● Cancellation after 90 days paid 100%

● For a maximum of 8 people when occupying a double room

● Children are allowed from 14 years old

● No pets allowed

● Check-in from 10 a.m., check-out by 4 p.m

● Deposit 500.00 euros

● Additional costs: Electricity according to consumption per kW/h 0.23 euros, final cleaning 100.00 euros, firewood 150.00 euros/m3


These General Terms and Conditions regulate the conditions for booking and renting the property:

Centrum Terapii Leśnej by Wilk Hill Lodge, 34-222 Zawoja 2748, Poland.

§ 2


  1. The reservation of the property can be made:

  1. The condition for making an effective reservation is confirmation of the reservation by the Lessor and payment of the reservation fee in the amount and by the date indicated during the reservation process.

  2. The booking fee should be paid as indicated during the booking process.

  3. The deposit is 100% of the rental price.

  4. If the tenant shortens his stay, the rental price due for the unused period will not be refunded.

  5. The cost of canceling a reservation depends on the time remaining until the booked date:

  • Cancellation up to 90 days before the date of stay is free of charge. The landlord is obliged to refund the full amount of the reservation fee within 14 days.

  • In the event of cancellation from ninety to the first day before the start of the stay or on the day of arrival, the Lessor will charge the Lessee a cancellation fee of 100% of the rental price.

  1. The landlord is not liable for the incorrect choice of arrival or departure date or incorrect information provided by the tenant.

  2. The number of people renting the property is limited to 8 people. The number stated when booking is binding. The tenant is obliged to inform the agent of any change in this number before arrival. If upon arrival the number of persons is higher, the Lessee is obliged to pay extra for the persons not previously notified.

  3. The payment unit is the euro. All additional costs associated with payment (including currency conversion) are at the renter’s expense.

  4. Online booking process:

  5. The tenant selects a date for their stay at the property and then fills out a booking form providing their personal details and comments about the booking.

  6. After filling out and submitting the form, the tenant is obliged to pay the deposit.

  7. The condition for making an effective reservation is the confirmation of the online reservation by the Lessor. Confirmation will be sent to the Renter to the email indicated during the reservation process.

  8. The landlord is not liable for unavailability or failure of the reservation system.

  9. The prices may also include other services mentioned in the offer description. If the offer includes other additional services, this information will be indicated in the price description displayed in the system during the booking process. Services that are not included in the offer must be paid for by the tenant on site.

§ 3


  1. Rental includes a minimum of three nights.

  2. Check-in time is from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Check out by 4 p.m.

  3. The key handover takes place on site. Please inform us in advance of your expected arrival time. If you cannot arrive at the agreed time, please call +48 785 658 000.

  4. At the time of collection of the keys, the Tenant is obliged to present an identity document (ID card, passport or other) of his own and of the persons who will be staying in the premises, and to legibly fill in the registration cards for all persons staying in the premises. The Tenant shall sign his card legibly.

  5. The landlord reserves the right to refuse to hand over keys to tenants who are under the influence of alcohol or intoxicants or who behave aggressively and thereby pose an immediate danger to other people and property. This also applies to people who cannot identify themselves.

  6. The tenant and the people living with him in the facility bear full financial responsibility for the damage and destruction of objects, technical equipment and structures in the facility. A deposit of 500 euros will be charged at check-in to cover possible damage. This deposit must be paid in cash to the landlord for the duration of the stay.

  7. In the event of deterioration, damage or destruction of the equipment of the property, even unintentionally caused by the tenant or by people staying in the property with the tenant, the landlord reserves the right to withhold the deposit.

  8. The tenant is obliged to report any damage to the landlord immediately upon discovery by calling +48 785 658 000.

  9. The deposit paid in cash will be refunded upon departure after the landlord has checked the condition of the premises. If deterioration, damage or destruction of the rental property or the furnishings located therein is discovered, the deposit will be retained up to the amount of the damage incurred.

  10. If the damage caused by the tenant exceeds the value of the deposit, the tenant must compensate the full value of the damage. The repair of the damage also includes the losses suffered by the landlord and the income that the landlord could have earned if the damage had not been caused.

  11. Children under 14 years of age are not permitted to stay in the property.

  12. Pets are not permitted in the property.

§ 4


  1. Smoking and the use of prohibited stimulants is strictly prohibited in every room of the villa and in the forest suites. Failure to comply with the above prohibition by persons residing in the facility, will result in a fine of 4350.00 PLN imposed on the Tenant. Notwithstanding the fine referred to in the preceding sentence, the Tenant will be charged with costs associated with bringing the premises to the condition prior to the violation of the smoking ban, such as chemical cleaning of upholstered furniture and other fabrics, or their replacement, ozonation of the premises.

  2. In all buildings of the facility, as well as in the area of its property, from 23:00 to 06:00, the silence of the night is obligatory. In case of violation of the quiet of the night, the Tenant will be obliged to pay the costs of possible intervention of the called services.

  3. During check-in, Tenants receive about half an hour of instruction in the operation and use of the object.

  4. A handover protocol with the equipment items is signed by both parties.

  5. Electricity costs are to be reimbursed according to consumption. We charge 0.23 euros per kWh. The meter reading is recorded and documented in the log.

  6. The cost of firewood is 150 euros per m3 and is billed according to consumption.

  7. We charge a flat rate of 100 euros for the final cleaning.

  8. Additional services can be provided in accordance with the offer and price list.

  9. The use of the fire pits is at the user’s own risk and responsibility. The fireplaces may only be used for the intended purpose of burning wood. For fire safety reasons it is forbidden to leave the fireplace unattended.

  10. For fire safety reasons, it is forbidden to use heaters, irons and other electrical devices that are not part of the premises.

  11. Tenants have access to a Weber grill and an OFYR grill. The OFYR grill may only be fired with wood. However, charcoal is also possible with the Weber grill.

  12. Parking in front of the villa is reserved for the UAZ S1-LODGE vehicle belonging to the property. Loading and unloading during arrival and departure is possible. Please park your vehicle in the parking spaces assigned to you, which are a few minutes’ walk from the property.

  13. The property is located away from the village and for these reasons the property is under 24/7 video surveillance. The tenant agrees to the recordings. The recordings are saved internally and automatically overwritten.

  14. Only those people registered on the registration card are permitted to stay in the villa. The stay of people who are not registered on the registration card (guests) is only possible from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. and after signing the guest book available in the villa. The maximum number of guests is 2 people. If more than the permitted number of guests are present in the villa or if people other than those entered in the guest book are present after 10 p.m., the tenant will be charged a flat-rate penalty of twice the daily rental price. When signing the guest book, the guest is required to present their photo ID.

  15. The tenant may not sublet the premises to third parties or allow them to be used free of charge.

  16. The tenant is obliged to maintain and return the premises in an undamaged condition; Throwing away furniture and household appliances/televisions is prohibited.

  17. The tenant may not make any renovations or other permanent changes to the premises.

  18. The tenant is not allowed to change locks or make keys for the rented rooms.

  19. If the keys are lost or damaged, the tenant must pay an additional fee of 500 euros.

  20. The landlord is not responsible for items left behind by the tenant after the rental agreement has ended.

  21. The Lessor shall not be liable to the Lessee for loss of or damage to money, valuables or other valuable items, and arising from causes beyond the control of the Lessor.

  22. The landlord is not liable for claims in the event of accidents, injuries or death of the tenant or third parties on the premises during the tenant’s stay.

  23. The landlord can refuse to accommodate a person who has grossly violated the house rules during a previous stay.

  24. The landlord has the right to enter the premises on a daily basis while respecting the privacy of the tenants. He also has the right to enter the premises, i.e. the villa and the forest suites, to carry out minor cleaning work between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m.

  25. The towels are changed every 3 days.

  26. The bed linen will be changed after the tenant’s stay. The bed linen can be changed beforehand by prior arrangement with the landlord.

  27. The use of the fireplaces is possible after prior instruction from the landlord. Firewood is charged extra according to the price list. Use of the campfire is not possible in strong winds.

  28. There are three outdoor tubs on the premises in which the water is heated with wood.

  29. The use of the outdoor tub is possible after prior registration with the landlord. The wood for heating the water is charged extra.

  30. Before using the outdoor tub, it must be ensured that it is safe for the tenant and that there are no health restrictions to its use.

  31. There is a sauna in the villa. The use of the sauna is possible at any time.

  32. It is forbidden to empty the water from the outside tub immediately after bathing as this can cause damage to the stove. Please let the water cool completely first.

  33. If there is suspicion of a violation of these house rules or if a criminal offense is suspected, the landlord has the right to enter the premises at any time.

  34. If the tenant violates these house rules, the landlord can terminate the rental agreement concluded with the tenant with immediate effect while retaining the agreed rental price.

§ 5


In case of deficiencies in the quality of the services provided, the tenant can send a complaint by email to the following address:

§ 6


Before booking the premises of the Centrum Terapii Leśnej by WILK HILL LODGE in Zawoja, the tenant is obliged to familiarize himself with the content of the General Terms and Conditions. Booking the premises is tantamount to accepting the contents of these General Terms and Conditions and agreeing to the conditions contained therein.